BMPV is a public school that requires students to dress in uniform. Students must wear uniform. The School Uniform Dress Code is as follows: 


  • Green shirt
  • Yellow Shirt
  • Khaki slack
  • Green slacks
  • Green socks
  • Green tie (optional)
  • Dark dress shoes


  • Green blouse
  • Yellow Blouse
  • Green and yellow plaid skirt or jumper
  • Green socks or tights
  • Green tie (optional)
  • Dark dress shoes

The school uniform should be worn every day. On Fridays however, students will have the option of wearing appropriate outfits of their choice. 

Students should come to school neat and groomed every day. To reduce distractions in school, excessive items, such as non-prescription glasses, rubber-band bracelets, large earrings, fake nails, and hoods are not allowed. All hats and caps must be removed immediately upon entering the school building and may not be worn in school unless special permission has been obtained from the Principal. Audio devices, video games or weapons (real or toy) are not permitted in school. Such items will be confiscated and, depending upon the item, may be turned in to the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department. 

We appreciate your collaboration and support as we are working together to keep promoting a safe and secure school environment. 

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